Music Education


Want to share the power of music? Music instruction has been linked to higher academic achievement and general well-being. But most importantly, music instruction teaches students to communicate emotion through a universal medium. The music education faculty believes that all cultures should be represented and that both traditional and novel settings should be used to teach music. At Georgia State you will take traditional method classes but will also learn to improvise, use electric instruments, compose and much more. You will learn to be the best possible ensemble/choral director in addition to being able to design novel student-centered instruction. Most important, you will learn to channel your passion for music through effective instruction.

Music Education (Bachelor of Music) prepares you to teach music in schools or other group settings from early childhood through adulthood. After graduation, you qualify for a Georgia teaching certificate in K-12 music. In addition to performance, you will study child development and learning, as well as methods of teaching music. Applicants should have a strong background in music performance and music reading, and should have a particular interest in sharing their love of music with others. An audition is required for admission.

Teacher Preparation Program Effectiveness

All initial teacher preparation program candidates must pass a state mandated teacher performance assessment, the edTPA, at the end of their programs in order to become certified in Georgia. The teacher performance assessment is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to help all students learn. Teacher candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, assessing and analyzing student learning. Please see as follows the number of teacher candidates who passed the edTPA out of the total number of candidates who successfully submitted the edTPA in the program, subject-specific area.

K-12 Performing Arts (Music Education) – 20/20

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