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Caitlin Martinkus

Lecturer    Lecturer in Music Theory    

Caitlin Martinkus is a Lecturer in Music Theory at Georgia State University. Her research interests include theories of musical form, phrase-structural expansion in nineteenth-century sonata forms, and Franz Schubert’s instrumental music. She has presented research on these subjects at the European Music Analysis Conference, as well as meetings of Music Theory Mid-Atlantic, Music Theory Midwest, and the Canadian University Music Society. In September, Caitlin completed her Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of Toronto. Her dissertation, “The Urge to Vary: Schubert’s Variation Practice from Schubertiades to Sonata Forms,” reveals the many and nuanced ways in which elements of variation permeate Schubert’s oeuvre. An analysis of the introduction and subordinate theme complex from Schubert’s C Major Symphony (D. 944/i) is currently under consideration at Music Theory and Analysis. Her research has been supported by the province of Ontario (OGS), as well as the University of Toronto (Waters Graduate Fellowship).