Music Industry Program

Music Technology (Recording/Music Production) (Bachelor of Music) prepares students for work in artistic, technical, or producer/director capacities in music and music-related media industries. Students are both aesthetically and practically trained for work as audio engineers and music technologists. The program balances the development of artistic and creative skills with the mastery of technical skills, achieved through course work and a culminating internship. Applicants should have a strong background in music reading and performance. 

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Music Management (Bachelor of Science) prepares students for a variety of management-related careers in the music industry, including both profit and non-profit sectors. The curriculum is founded on a basic knowledge of music, experiences in performing, and courses in business and music management. Graduates may work in a range of capacities at record labels and distributors, or in artist and concert management, retail sales, or music publishing. All students complete at least one internship with a commercial firm or non-profit agency as part of their programs.