Honors College University Assistantships for Music Majors

The University Assistantship (or “UA”) is a multi-year award, renewable for up to eight semesters. The UA is renewed automatically as long as the student keeps his/her GPA at a 3.5 or higher, enrolls in the applied lesson cluster as required, performs in his/her assigned large ensemble(s) at an outstanding level, maintains the status of full-time music major, and abides by the GSU Student Code of Conduct policy.

Students interested in receiving a University Assistantship through the School of Music must be accepted to the Honors College, be top-tier performing musicians (as evidenced by a high scholarship ranking on their individual School of Music entrance audition), and be able and willing to perform their assigned responsibilities.

Overview and Student Responsibilities

The School of Music provides a comprehensive music education that is in line with the Georgia State University academic and research agendas. Students awarded the prestigious University Assistantship through the Honors College and assigned to the School of Music will be given enhanced performance opportunities and leadership roles within the School. University Assistantship students:

1. may perform in various assigned “secondary” School of Music ensembles. These are performance-based ensemble assignments outside of the required curricular assignments.

2. will work closely with a faculty or staff advisors within the School of Music to develop a creative/research-based project unique for that student.

3. will act as “faces of the School of Music” on audition days and campus visits by prospective students.

4. will participate in various recruitment activities outside the School of Music (performances, school visits, etc.) as assigned by faculty or staff advisors as ambassadors for the School of Music

Assistantship Learning Outcomes

1. A University Assistant in music will gain valuable professional-level experience performing in numerous School of Music ensembles beyond the curriculum requirements.

2. The UA music students are often section leaders within an ensemble, and will, therefore, gain valuable leadership experience and skills.

3. The UA student will experience many different genres of music, and will, therefore, develop a more globally conscious view of culture.

4. The UA students often interact directly with prospective students and parents of prospective students as representatives of the School, and will, therefore, develop valuable communication skills.

5. The UA student will be engaged in the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes operations of the School of Music and its various divisions (ensembles, academics, music education, etc.), and s/he will, therefore, learn important management skills necessary for a successful career in music.

Mentoring Plan

1. The student will participate in monthly meetings with the entire School of Music University Assistantship cohort, led by the UA coordinator within the School.

2. The student will meet weekly with the faculty or staff supervisor to whom they are assigned.

3. The student will be provided an opportunity to attend campus and community meetings where appropriate.

4. The student will be provided an opportunity to attend meetings with professional organizations as appropriate.

5. The student will be provided the opportunity to help plan creative/research projects, in conjunction with a School of Music faculty or staff member.

For more information about applying to the Honor College please visit the Honors College website at honors.gsu.edu.