Graduate Study



Individuals holding an accredited bachelor’s degree in a field of music (Bachelor of Music; Bachelor of Arts in Music; etc.) may be eligible for the non-degree initial licensure program to teach music in the public schools of Georgia. Following assessment of background and proficiencies, the music education faculty plan a program of study for each admitted student. As part of the application, several graduate-level music education courses must be indicated for intended study (see the university’s online Graduate Catalog for course numbers and descriptions). Applicants must have at least a 2.5 undergraduate GPA. The application process is twofold: Following successful admission to the university, applicants then apply directly to the music education division for admission to the licensure program. Admission to graduate status does not assure admission to the licensure program. Typically, the program requires two years of course work, including an internship or student teaching. Applicants wishing to be licensed who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in music must apply either for admission to a second bachelor’s degree in music education or as post-baccalaureate students to complete the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in music education. Further information on both programs may be obtained directly from the music education division.