Jazz Studies


The purpose of this concentration is to develop competence in jazz performance, improvisation, and knowledge of jazz history; to develop professional competence in establishing, organizing and maintaining a high school or college level jazz program; and to nurture the creative talents of students in jazz arranging and composing.

The Jazz Studies Program at Georgia State provides opportunities for students to participate in quality jazz organizations such as large jazz bands and jazz combos. In addition to the performance groups, a student may supplement his/her playing by participating in some of the academic jazz courses such as jazz improvisation, jazz arranging, jazz pedagogy, etc.

Audition Requirements

Admission to the concentration in Jazz Studies is based on the examination of one or more of the following: original compositions, arrangements, scholarly papers, audition, and professional as well as the academic record of the applicant.

A tape or live audition is required. The applicant must demonstrate advanced proficiency in improvisation. The audition should include the following styles: bebop, swing, ballad, contemporary, and Latin. The evaluation will take into consideration the applicant’s background, interests, and education. Should there be any deficiencies, the applicant will be required to take remedial courses which may not count towards the degree.

Jazz Studies Audition Requirements

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