The purpose of this concentration is to prepare students for careers as professional composers, teachers of composition and preparation for doctoral programs in composition. Successful applicants have a portfolio of compositions representing a variety of media and techniques. Portfolio/recording review required.

Audition Requirements

Applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in music. While a Bachelor of Music in Composition is preferred, students with other degrees in music showing evidence of significant training in composition and/or music theory at the undergraduate level will be considered. The applicant must submit to the School of Music at least five (5) original compositions. These compositions should exemplify a variety of media and techniques.

Submission of the composition portfolio (scores and recordings) will be via the College of the Arts Slate Application System. 

Music scores may be in Finale, Sibelius or PDF formats. Each score must be accompanied by a recording in mp3 format. There is a strong preference for recordings of live performances (with the exception of fixed media compositions) but MIDI realizations of scores will also be accepted.

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