Georgia State University Singers – International Chamber Choir Competition and Tour

This summer, the Georgia State University Singers will embark on a tour of Germany and Austria where we will compete in the International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktoberdorf, Germany. This project will fund a large portion of the overall cost associated with the trip, and our goal of $10,000 will help cover the costs for the 40 members of the choir, faculty, and administration who are going. Any additional funds raised through this project will be applied to the remaining costs not covered by other sources of funding.


University Singers is one of 12 choirs chosen from an international pool to compete in Marktoberdorf. Being invited to compete is, in itself, a great honor that elevates Georgia State’s School of Music on the international stage, but if we do well—or even win the competition—the accolades will further enhance GSU’s reputation in the music world. Because of the high cost associated with sending 40 people abroad for 11 days, we need your help to cover the costs of meals, housing, and travel expenses. With your support, University Singers can represent Georgia State internationally and provide a life-changing experience for 37 talented GSU students. Please consider making a gift today!


Georgia State University Singers is the School of Music’s premier vocal ensemble made up of music majors and non-majors, undergraduate and graduate students, and represents the diverse population of Georgia State University. In May of 2013, the University Singers competed in La Florilège Vocal de Tours where we placed second overall in the mixed choir category. In the past, we have been invited to perform at the Georgia Music Educators Association, American Choral Directors Association and at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards. Over the years, we have traveled throughout much of the United States—including Carnegie Hall on two occasions—and we have been on six international tours with stops in France, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Canada, and Great Britain. This year, the touring choir consists of 37 singers, many of whom have never traveled abroad before. Crowfunding is helping cover some of the costs for each student, and through this project we are excited to share this wonderful opportunity to tour abroad with our community, family, and friends.


If you are not able to support our project with a gift at this time, please share our efforts with those in your own communities and networks! Anyone and everyone that we can reach with your help will put us that much closer to our goal!

The entire choir, faculty, and administration greatly appreciate your help in making this tour possible!