The mission of the Georgia State University School of Music is to preserve, promote and advance humanity’s rich and expanding tradition of artistic music-making through performance, composition, education and research in accordance with the urban and global initiatives of the university.

The Georgia State University School of Music enrolls approximately 450 students representing 6 countries and 21 states. Approximately 360 of the students are in bachelor’s degree programs, 70 in master’s degrees, and the remainder in other programs, including a Ph.D. program in music education. Forty full-time and 30 part-time faculty serve students in concentrations including performance, music education, music management, music recording and technology, composition and jazz studies. Faculty in the School of Music have studied nationally and internationally, and are widely recognized and sought for guest conducting, consultations, guest teaching and research presentations. Through faculty initiatives, students have been able to visit Russia, China, Europe, and Latin America.

The School of Music complex includes five venues: the Standard Building, the Haas Howell Building, the Aderhold Learning Center, the Rialto Center for the Arts and the Florence Kopleff Recital Hall. The first two buildings are both on the National Register of Historic Buildings and comprise the school’s offices, classrooms, practice rooms, recording studio, and teaching studios. Two state-of-the-art rehearsal halls for choral and instrumental ensembles are located in the Aderhold Center. The Rialto Center is a 900-seat acoustically superb performance facility, and the recently renovated Kopleff Recital Hall is a 400-seat hall for chamber and solo performances. The School of Music also has a media center that incorporates a high-tech classroom for computer music instruction.

Students in the School of Music regularly work with the foremost individuals in their fields, including guest artists and teachers, members of the Atlanta Symphony, leaders in the music industry and the School’s own faculty. A groundbreaking program conducted in affiliation with several leading universities and arts organizations trains performance and composition majors in the important field of community engagement — an evolving dimension of career development for performers, composers and music educators.

Georgia State University ensembles have received recent invitations to perform across the state, nationally, and internationally. Graduates of the School of Music include members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, other major orchestras and opera companies, successful individuals in the recording and music business, composers, conductors, and teachers in public schools and universities.

The School of Music is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.