Guideline for Student Recital Printed Programs

Posted On August 23, 2016
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Production Office

Student Recital Programs


The School of Music Production Office prepares recital programs in a standard format for uniformity.

1. Complete program information must be provided to the Production office via email in an attached word document at least three (3) weeks prior to the performance date.

2. Information should be emailed to the

3. The required information includes:

  • Performer name(s) and instruments(s)
  • Status (junior, senior, or graduate student)
  • Faculty Instructor
  • Degree being pursued
  • Names of any assisting students or faculty, including accompanist (please indicate which pieces(s) they are playing on)
  • Titles and dates of pieces (full/proper titles, spelled and punctuated correctly in original language), including movement names, if applicable
  • Composer and arranger names and dates
  • If and when an intermission will occur
  • Correct program order

4. The quantity of programs needed. The Production office does not print bios, program notes or translations. If desired, these are to be completed and copied by the student. The Production office will print 50-75 programs for a joint recital unless more are requested (up to125). Student programs will be limited to one side of a sheet of paper.

5. After a proof of the program has been produced, a pdf will be emailed to the student and faculty instructor along with a deadline for a response within 2 business days. Failure to respond or to make corrections to the proof by the deadline will result in the program going to press without changes. In such cases, mistakes in print are the responsibility of the student and the faculty supervisor.

6. Students are not permitted to design and print their own programs for distribution. If program information is not submitted three weeks prior to the recital date, students will be required to announce their program from the stage.

7. Students are allowed to design their promotional posters for their event All posters must be approved by the PR department. Hard copies must be submitted to Gail Rodriguez, Haas Howell Building, room 500.