Guideline for Ensemble Printed Programs

Posted On August 23, 2016
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Public Relations Office

The School of Music Public Relations office prepares ensemble and recital programs in a standard format for uniformity. The Public Relations office is responsible for all programs produced for School of Music events.

  • Complete program information must be provided to the PR office via email in an attached word document at least three (3) weeks prior to the performance date.
  • Information should be emailed to [email protected]
  • The required information includes:
    o Ensemble name(s)
    o Program title, if applicable
    o Date/time of performance
    o Complete ensemble rosters, in alphabetical order after section principals, including
    graduate/university assistants
    o Names, titles and bios for all directors and guest artists — please indicate which piece(s) they are
    directing or playing, and/or which instruments (please do not neglect to list yourself!)
    o Titles of pieces (full/proper titles, spelled and punctuated correctly in original language or English),
    including catalogue/opus numbers, when applicable
    o Year of composition is only necessary for pieces written since 1950
    o Movement numbers, names, and tempo markings, when applicable
    o Proofread program notes, if applicable
    o Full names and dates of composers, arrangers, etc.
    o If and when an intermission will occur
    o Sponsor information, including logos (attached in a separate image file), if applicable
    o Quantity of programs needed
  • Individual bios should be no longer than 250 words apiece and will be cut off at the nearest period if
    longer. We reserve the right to cut further for formatting purposes.
  • Program notes should be thoroughly proofread and approved by faculty supervisor before being submitted and must include attribution. The suggested length for program notes is 200-300 words per work or 1,200 total words per program, whichever is shorter.
  • Ensemble/non-student recital programs must fit within 8 pages of a standard 5.5”x8.5” program booklet. Programs for concerts with multiple ensembles and choral programs with included texts will be allowed 12 standard program pages.
  • As long as the overall page limit is respected, there can be flexibility in terms of content as the format allows.
  • After a proof of the program has been produced, a PDF will be emailed to the faculty supervisor along with a deadline for response within 2 business days. Failure to respond or to make corrections to the proof by the deadline will result in the program going to press without changes. In such cases, mistakes in print are the responsibility of the faculty supervisor.Questions can be addressed to Gail Pinckney at [email protected] or call 404-413-5914