Georgia State School of Music’s Passport to Success

Posted On August 22, 2016
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New School of Music students were introduced to the Passport to Success! This interactive app was designed specifically to answer common questions new students have, “Who do I see? Where do I go? What resources are available to me?”

The Passport to Success provides students with an interactive way to familiarize themselves with campus. As students complete location check-ins, such as Library North, Financial Aid, and the Student Health Clinic, they become familiar with our downtown campus. New students are encouraged to participate in campus life events: Panther Welcome Week, football games, meet Pounce, and continue campus traditions, while building a sense of community and providing ways to meet new students. Most importantly, students start their academic success by answering quizzes regarding their course requirements and degree path. As students complete each checkpoint on their passport journey, they are creating their own success! View photos, see student successes, and track the Passport Journey by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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