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Katie Carlisle

Associate Professor, Music Education    

Music Education – General
Director, Center for Educational Partnerships in Music

Katie Carlisle, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of general music education and graduate faculty member at Georgia State University in Atlanta, offering programs at the baccalaureate, master’s and Ph.D. levels. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music (Ph.D. Music Education and Bachelor of Music in jazz performance), Charles Sturt University (teaching certification) and VanderCook College of Music, Chicago (Master of Music Education).

Dr. Carlisle previously taught music education in the pre-service teacher education program at the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada) Faculty of Education. Her school music teaching experience spans pre-K through secondary school in public and private schools, urban and rural settings. In addition, she has taught early childhood music (prenatal through age five) in a variety of community and private contexts. She is the music education board member for the College Music Society’s southern chapter.

Her professional development interests include classroom creativity, urban education, developing understanding of diverse world musics, informal music learning practices and school-university partnerships.

Dr. Carlisle has presented research papers and pedagogy workshops at state, regional, national and international peer-reviewed music education conferences. Dr. Carlisle has presented research papers and pedagogy workshops at state, regional, national and international peer-reviewed music education conferences. Upcoming 2016 conferences include the 32nd International Society for Music Education world conference (Glasgow, Scotland) and the 59th National Conference of the College Music Society (Santa Fe, NM).

Peer-reviewed publications include British Journal of Music Education; Music Education Research; Arts Education Policy Review; General Music Today; Middle Grades Research Journal; and two book chapters in the Canadian Music Educators Association biennial book series, Research to Practice.

Dr. Carlisle is director of the Center for Educational Partnerships in Music. Initiatives through the center with partnership K-12 schools include the nationally recognized arts integration program, Sound Learning, the ongoing arts-focused curriculum integration project Inspire, professional development workshops/lectures and the GSU library/Johnny Mercer Foundation American Music 1900-1950 partnership. Dr. Carlisle is the Georgia State University partner project director for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant shared with the Georgia Institute of Technology and area schools.

Dr. Carlisle has performed on woodwinds for a season with the Munich Cirque du Soleil show, Pomp Duck and Circumstance.


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International: Journal Articles – Peer Reviewed, Refereed Journals

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National: Invited Journal Article – Peer Reviewed, Refereed Journal

• Carlisle, K. (2011). Arts education partnerships: Informing policy through the development of culture and creativity within a collaborative project approach. Arts Education Policy Review, 112(3), 144-148. This was an invited symposium issue article that underwent full peer review with AEPR reviewers.

National: Invited Website Contributions part-1/ part-2/

B. Publications: Book Chapters

International: Book Chapter – Peer Reviewed, Refereed Publications

• Carlisle, K. (2009). Making school music relevant: Meeting adolescents’ need for social justice within a complex and interdependent world. In E. Gould (Ed.) Exploring social justice: How music education might matter, pp. 139-151. Volume 4 of the CMEA Biennial Series Research to Practice. Waterloo, Ontario: Canadian Music Educators’ Association.

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C. Publication: Conference Proceedings

International: Invited Conference Proceedings

• Carlisle, K. (2007). Recognition and power within the secondary school principal – music teacher relationship. In Sociological explorations: Proceedings of the fifth international symposium on the sociology of music education, ed. Brian Roberts, 49- 63. St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada