Curtis Bryant wins second prize in The American Prize in Composition

Posted On May 31, 2017

Alumni and former faculty member, Curtis Bryant won second prize in The American Prize in Composition, 2016, in the Opera category. Congratulations!

Atlanta native Curtis Bryant (b. 1949) has composed music for a wide variety of genres including orchestral, chamber, choral, art song, and grand opera.  A seven-time Emmy Award nominee, Bryant has also… more »

Did you know?

Posted On February 15, 2017

A new video compilation that celebrates Georgia State University School of Music students’ success, creative passion, entrepreneurship and connections with local and international audiences.

Georgia State School of Music’s Passport to Success

Posted On August 22, 2016
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New School of Music students were introduced to the Passport to Success! This interactive app was designed specifically to answer common questions new students have, “Who do I see? Where do I go? What resources are available to me?”

The Passport to Success provides students with an interactive way to familiarize themselves with campus. As… more »

Georgia State University to Create College of the Arts

Posted On August 15, 2016
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Dr. Wade Weast has been named the founding dean of Georgia State University’s College of the Arts, a new academic unit that will focus on education in arts and related media, promote creativity and respond to the changing needs of artists, on- and off-campus.

The college, which will open in July 2017, will… more »

Assistant Director: Dr. Marie Sumner Lott

Posted On June 29, 2016

Dr. Marie Sumner Lott joined the administrative executive staff at the School of Music as Assistant Director, effective July 1, 2016. In her former role, Dr. Sumner Lott was Assistant Professor of Music History and Literature .

Musicologist Marie Sumner Lott joined the faculty of Georgia State University in 2012; she teaches graduate and undergraduate… more »